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A Word from Our Customers

‘’Needed a massage while in town and I was referred to this place and would definitely recommend it! The facility is clean and the massage was great! Very professional, plus I left feeling like I had a spa experience without the cost. You will leave feeling total relief!’’
- All Good, L., Los Angeles, CA

‘’While the hubby was golfing during our mini-vacay to the Palm Springs area, I decided to treat myself to a massage. I yelped for a good couple of hours because though "spas" are plentiful in the area, I didn't want to waste my treat on an airport massage. I left a message at Body Sense and was called back by Mary shortly after. She was very accommodating and made room for me a couple of hours after. I found the location without difficulty, but beware, if you blink, you will miss it because it is tucked in at a small strip of businesses. Well worth the U-turn and there is only parking in the back anyway. Upon arrival, I was offered water and within a couple of minutes, taken back to the treatment area where I was introduced to Neuvia (apologies if this is spelled incorrectly). I went through the normal protocol of undressing and lying face down on the table. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised to find that the massage table was heated! What a comfort cocoon! In the past, I am used to the therapist discussing problem areas, painful/health positions, etc., so when Neuvia immediately got busy rubbing, I had to interrupt her to tell her about my back issues that cause extreme discomfort. To find out later, I probably should have just held my tongue because talk about receptive! Wow! I almost felt that as she rubbed, she was having an internal conversation with my muscles - she was that in-tuned. I have had dozens of massages and there has never been an occasion when I felt like I was having an out of body experience, but holy cow, this one was on a whole other level! After the massage, I had a facial and the experience continued! Wow, wow, wow! Delicious indulgence at its best! Neuvia was incredible, though the word, incredible doesn't do justice to my experience with her! She was by far the most talented therapist, I have ever had the joyous experience of meeting! I probably should have stayed for a few extra minutes in the lobby afterwards because I felt so intoxicated! Bravo! I know, undoubtedly, where I will be going next time we are in the area!’’
- Kandie D., Sacramento, CA

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