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Expertly handling a body wrap as well as deep tissue massage in Palm Springs, CA

Offering Everything from a Body Wrap to a Deep Cleansing Facial in Palm Springs, CA

If you’re looking for the perfect way to relax, schedule a body treatment at Body Sense Spa. We can offer a refreshing body wrap as well as deep tissue massage and a deep cleansing facial in Palm Springs, CA.

European Body Wrap: $100.00

Your body is wrapped in hot spring mineral soaked wraps to detoxify, soften and relax skin and muscles. An excellent detoxifying treatment. You will leave feeling lighter and your clothes looser. 60 min.

Champagne & Roses Scrub and Wrap: $85.00

Exfoliates, hydrates and softens with shea butter and antioxidants from the grape. Good for sun damaged and dry skin. 60 min.

The Mango Body Polish: $70.00

A wonderful all-over aromatic body exfoliation. After removal of exfoliation product, the body is saturated with Mango body aroma cream. Ahaa! So refreshing! 30 min.

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