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Facials and Skin Care

Pamper yourself with a relaxing visit to Body Sense Spa. Operated by a team of friendly, highly skilled estheticians and massage therapists, our spa has everything you need to sit back, unwind, and get the glowing skin you’ve always wanted. We’re your go-to source for luxury skin care.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re dealing with stubborn acne and age spots or simply want a relaxing treat, our spa is the perfect place for you. With services ranging from customizable facials to skin-smoothing foot and back exfoliation, there’s truly something for everybody and every skin concern.

The Importance of Skin Care

Throughout even normal daily activities, your skin is exposed to damage that, sometimes, at-home skin care simply can’t repair. But with a facial customized to suit your skin’s unique needs, you don’t have to worry. Drawing on years of experience, our skin care team works with you to figure out the perfect solution for your skin type, texture, and desired results. When you’re ready to rejuvenate your skin and reveal a healthy, beautiful complexion, we’re here to help.

Helping You Treat Yourself

Beyond improving the health and appearance of your skin, spa treatments are an excellent way to unwind after a long day. If you’re stressed, busy, and need a little reprieve from your hectic day-to-day duties, stop into Body Sense Spa. Our welcoming team is always eager to help you relax and give yourself the pampering you truly deserve. For more information about our available services, browse the list below.

European Facial: $80.00

45-Minute Facial
Tailored to Your Skin Type
Designed to Cleanse & Refine

Deep Cleansing Facial: $88.00

55-Minute Intensive Facial
Steam & Extractions (If Necessary)
Includes Brief Scalp Massage

Derma-Smooth: $95.00

55 min manual microdermabrasion treatment. Visibly improves texture and appearance. Includes brief scalp massage.

Foot Exfoliation: $20.00

Back Exfoliation: $20.00

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