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A Multitude of Benefits from Massage Therapy

There’s a whole lot more to massage therapy in Palm Springs, CA, than relaxation. Although this is one of the best known. At Body Sense Spa, we provide our clients with massage therapy to:

Relieve Stress – End a tension-filled week with a relaxation massage. Spending time with skilled hands easing muscles drawn tight by tension soothes your body physically and mentally.

Decrease Pain – Many of our clients come to our spa with pain. A deep tissue massage is one effective therapy to reduce suffering. We recommend it for those who have chronic pain and muscle tension.

Boost the Immune System – Getting a massage is an excellent way to build up your immune system. This is because it adds to the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream, increases circulation, heals individual cells, and decreases the stress hormone cortisol.

Enhance Flexibility – As a therapist works to relax your muscles, a side benefit is a more flexible body. This happens when blood flow and oxygen in the blood increase during a massage and the muscles lose their tightness.

To maximize massage advantages, many clients ask for an integrative massage. This practice borrows from various types of massage to customize the health benefits for the individual client.